Approaching the Cold Season


Prepping your home is essential and will be convenient come time winter sets in. Luckily, it’s only fall so you still have time to complete any major outdoor housing projects.

  • Making sure to seal and insulate your home can definitely come in handy when those freezing temperatures set in. Attics are the prime reason cold creeps its way in so installing loose fill or bat insulation is recommended.
  • Usually the October and November months mean to bundle up and to wear extra layers. When more dressing attire combines with inclement weather, you will need a proper storage space for all these items. Having a mudroom allows for you to store your dirtied coats and shoes, but if you do not have one, placing a shoe rack in the entryway of the hall and clearing out space in the closet, will suffice just as well.
  • Setting and prepping your fireplace before the cold ensues will be something you will definitely thank yourself for later. Inspect the chimney for any chips or cracks as well as the door gaskets. Cleaning any soot and other buildup is advised or else call a professional chimney sweeper.
  • Before your lawn goes unattended for the winter season, spread a thin layer of fertilizer on it. This helps to maintain it as it goes idle for the next few months and looks refreshed come spring time!
  • Sometimes prepping for winter can be as simple as flicking a switch! In this instance, they advise to reverse the directions of your ceiling fans so heat can circulate better throughout the room.
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