Reasons Why Your Home May Not Be Selling


Our home quarters are our private sectors and where we go to retreat. A lot of what makes our house a home is how we dress it and though owners want to make it over with their personality and taste, they must keep in mind if it will be an appealing buy when it comes time to sell.

It’s important for homeowners to not only keep up with the times by modernizing their home’s look, but to keep the appearance limited to what they perceive as “tasteful.” An objective perspective can keep a home’s appeal in check when it goes for-sale.

When placing one’s house on the market, it’s important to strip your home of any sentimental value. Prospective buyers want to feel that they are starting on a clean slate and want to transform the home into what they feel is “homey,” not what you think. Not to mention when old photographs or pictures of your child’s first drawing are on the fridge, it turns off those who scope out the property that much more. Though the process of moving may be an emotional one, it comes with the territory of leaving your home for another one.

Be sure to paint rooms over with a neutral-based color so the loud walls of red won’t deter buyers browsing through. Even just removing old wallpaper from what you used as the family nursery can go a long ways in case someone has something different in mind for what they would make the room.

Be sure to restore rooms to their natural state. If you’ve transformed the dining room into a play area for your kids or the study into your personal second closet, bring these rooms back to their original purpose. When this is done, the buyers won’t get confused and as stated before, they can decide what topersonally do with them.

Lastly, once you’ve neutralized your entire home to make it ready for selling, you want to detach yourself from it emotionally. Rather than looking at it as a sentimental loss, look at it as a financial gain that will propel you to your next home that you will break into just as well.


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